Rawburt – The Band
Rawburt is pretty new Göteborg (Gothenburg) metal unit lead by
former Human Race guitarist Robert Hansson. The band also
features bass player Sonny Andersson and drummer Anders Östman.
In august 2014 Oscar Zubelzu joined the band as the new vocalist.
Oscar came over from Spain to Sweden with the band Urbandux to record
an album and stayed over. He has worked in several different formations
and projects as a singer and as a producer over the past 20 years.

The work has begun creating some new heavy tunes together.
We are also aiming to go into a studio and record them later this autumn.
In the meantime you can listen to Urbandux and see Oscar in action…

Urbandux – Love to Suffer

Urbandux – The Devil Inside

Rawburt compared to Human Race is more melodic metal than hard
rock. Influenses can be told as Zakk Wylde, Jorn Lande, Primal Fear
and some Rammstein.
From the beginning it all started as a project, a reason for playing
together. When Rawburt war in to the studio for the second time
they were more formed as a band and after the studio work, shows
were played around in Sweden.
Two musicvideos were done, “In For The Kill” and “Too Numb To
Run” and both is to be found in high resolution quality on YouTube.
Future goals for Rawburt and the main reason for their excist is to
play live and release records. Rawburt is a liveband and should be
experienced live, it´s well over a 1,5 hours live with real heavy
hard rock, coarsely ground guitars, heavily distorted bass and with a
clear melodic streak and all the visual ingredients.

Quotes:”Based just outside Gothenburg, guitarplayer ROBERT HANSSON
has been delivering melodic hard rock in various forms for many
years. Although an injury kept him for playing for quite some time,
he´s back and biting. It seems to me like Robert and the band has
turned heavier over the years, just hear “In For The Kill” and you´ll
see what I mean. To me this a bit too heavy, I have to say. But
there´s no mistake about the quality!”
“Ola Gränshagen””Stefano does a killer job! In the verse of “Burning” he actually
reminds me a bit of Jorn Lande. And holy crap, that song has some
devastatingly heavy riffs! The cool thing is that the verses are really
smooth. I don’t know what band to compare to, it´s more that
Rawburt (not so convinced when it comes to the band name
though..) has picked some bits and pieces from here and there. The
songs aren´t complicated or extremely unique, BUT holy crap – they
“Janne Stark”